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Baptism can be a meaningful practice in the Christian tradition. It signifies the new life that we encounter through Christ. Some say that baptism in water is an outward, physical sign of an inward, spiritual experience. Others believe that through the waters of baptism, we are lovingly accepted into God’s family.

Baptism is observed in many different ways. In some churches, people are baptized by being fully immersed in a body of water. In other churches, water is poured or sprinkled over the person’s head. In Friends churches, baptism is typically a spiritual experience that doesn’t involve water—instead, Friends are baptized by the Holy Spirit.

At Solomon’s Porch, we honor and celebrate all of these practices. If you feel led to be baptized, you can chat with Pastor Elijah about taking this next step. You can be baptized in whatever way feels right for your journey.


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